Months gone by…

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It’s been months since I’ve made a post and I keep telling myself that I have to get better and post more, yet every time I think about it, I just think “yeah, I’ll do it later” or that I don’t have anything worth talking about at that moment.

Well, here we are again and I don’t really have much to say of importance, but I guess I can think of something. Tomorrow’s doctor appointment I get to find out who they are transferring me to this time (this will be the fourth doctor that they have given me and each time we practically start from scratch). On the bright side, they adjusted my medication a few months back and it’s finally leveled out to the point that I’m doing far better than I have for the last couple years. I just wish they could do something about my back, or even just my leg.

Oh, I’m going to be writing some tutorials near the end of the month (basic ‘how-to’ computer stuff) in partnership with a site, so if you have any suggestions for topics let me know. To give you an idea of things I’m looking for, “How to defragment your hard drive”, “How to join/leave Microsoft’s Windows Insiders program”, “How to join/leave Apple’s Beta program for macOS or iOS (Public or Developer)”… stuff like that.

In the meantime, I finally finished moving around 10TB of data over the last week, so I’m going to binge watch some tv shows and stop looking at a computer screen for awhile.

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