Time Flies

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I keep saying it but never doing it… I have to update this blog more often. A lot has changed since the last update.

As I said in December, I’ve changed hosting companies and so far, so good. They’ve been so much better than the last company and on the rare occasion I have had any issues, they are very helpful in helping me make changes or explaining what is going on so I can fix it myself or understand if it’s something that doesn’t need fixing.

Since then I started physical therapy for my back and my right leg and just finished earlier this week. With the pandemic and how restrictive everything is, I kind of wish therapy would continue because it gives me something to do with my life instead of staying at home with nothing that seems to be the norm for most people. It seems that my insurance wouldn’t pay for more than three months, so on my final appointment, they gave me instructions on how I can continue myself and keep getting better. Another milestone I’ve hit is that as long as my primary care doctor can prescribe certain medications I no longer have to go to mental health to deal with my bipolar and can keep everything in one place which is nice. I’ve never really been fond of the doctor that prescribes my meds for it and I’m not going into that here, but it’s satisfying knowing I won’t have to deal with her anymore and can get the care I need from my PC doctor.

I learned a long time ago to stop promising updates to this blog or making references to ‘when’ I’ll post things since that almost never ends up as planned, but I hope that I’ll be posting more, I’m going to try for at least once a month, maybe more, but a lot of the time I don’t have anything important to say or the things I want to talk about shouldn’t really be posted in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not conceded enough to think I have a large audience or that I’m somehow special enough to warrant anybody reading this anyway, but I do understand the fact that I do have a few readers that read these and know me well enough in person to have a clue who I’m talking about or whatever. You get the idea, don’t bitch about people when mutual friends would easily find out. 🙂

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