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So, my “3D Modeling & Animation” class technically ended about 3 hours ago and due to everything that’s happened this week I wasn’t able to complete my final three projects, so my nice little A turned into a ‘Losers D’ but oh well, I passed the class. On Monday I start “Information Literacy” and “Multimedia Design II” which should be ‘fun’ (read ‘fun’ with MUCH sarcasm). I can’t wait to finish college and be done with all this crap… I mean, I’m glad I’m back in school, still learning, yadda yadda… but the stress is killing me.

Speaking of stress, it’s been getting so much worse lately and really screwing with my depression. To make matters worse, Thursday night I went to the gas station around 11pm to pick up cigarettes and chatted for about 5-10 minutes with the employee before heading back to my car. When I got out there and got situated I went to turn the key and …. fucking thing wouldn’t start. I tried it a few times over the next couple of minutes and figured, “I have that roadside assistance coverage through Verizon that will cover a jump start, 10 mile tow, etc. and they’ll send someone to see what’s wrong with the car and I can have it dragged to Monro or somewhere where I can get someone I know to take a look in the morning.” I knew if I just called a random tow place or had them take me to a random garage, I might as well drop my pants and bend over, cause there’s no way I can afford this shit to begin with and you know how they charge ‘random’ customers, especially ones in emergency situations. I kept telling the lady on the phone the address of where I was (since although it’s part of a Verizon thing, they can’t seem to use GPS and find me) and she kept putting me on hold to call their different providers and see if anyone could come get me. Here’s the kicker, she spoke great English and from what I could tell, they didn’t outsource this service to some other country like most companies do now days… so I’m not sure if she didn’t understand the city I told her I was in or the ‘providers’ she spoke with are idiots, because according to her, at least 5 of them told her that I must have miscommunicated (or lied) and that I was somewhere in New Jersey and probably playing a joke on them. When she told me about that part, I told her the city yet again (I spelled it to her EVERY time) and I even gave her the zip code telling her I was at least 4+ hours from New Jersey. She put me on hold again and contacted more of their providers to see what could be done and this time when she came back on the line she said a few of them still gave her the Jersey story, but the ones that claimed they were in (or knew) the area wouldn’t come out because it was after hours… one even stated “I don’t feel like going out in this crap” since it was raining pretty bad at this point. At least I know whoever the rude/lazy fuckhead was, he was local, but she couldn’t give me their name because of policy. All in all, I spent over an hour on the phone with them and got nothing out of it. I called a friend that was sleeping and asked him to come get me so I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain with no jacket or anything (it was rather nice out when I left the house) and he said he’d be there as soon as he could… (I think it ended up being less than a half hour). After talking to him a nice guy that was pumping gas decided to check my car and see if he could help me and after checking a few things he said “From what I can tell, it sounds like it’s not getting fuel” and a passerby got on the wet ground and slid under my car, they had me try to start it and he said the fuel pump didn’t sound like it was making any noise so they both agreed it was dead. Once the rain let up for a few minutes (just after 2am) I went back inside and told them that I would have the car moved as soon as possible and I was told that I had until noon or it’d get towed. At that point I’d have to go back there to find where the car was taken and would be handed a bill by whoever came and took it. I got home and was obviously pissed/depressed so I went online to talk to a few people to see if that’d help and I guess it did a little, but not as much as I would have liked. In the morning I called a few people and we all went back to the car and at least got it dragged out of the Handicap spot it’d been sitting in for the past 10 hours or so and we pushed it to a spot that wasn’t directly in front of the store. A little later in the evening the guy came back with me and hooked up a diagnostic system to the car and it said that there was a failure in the fuel pump and something else… (can’t remember the other thing) and we strapped the car to the back of his truck and dragged it back to my place. It’s been sitting there since and I have a feeling it’ll be sitting there for awhile since I can’t come up with the money to get it fixed.

Some of the guys I talked with after getting home suggested I put a donation button on the blog and see if I can get any help, but I’ve always been a person that feels like that is begging and there’s normally people out there that can use the money more than I can… (like with Social Services and things like that) but in this case, I’ve already had to cancel appointments and other things because of the car and I have the appointment next week to finally get the braces put onto my legs, they just have to call when they come in, so I’m not sure when it’ll be. So at the bottom of this post is a donation button to see if anyone is willing to help out, but I don’t want this to appear like I’m either begging or that I’m trying to get donations so that I don’t have to pay out of pocket… I’m just so damn broke and my disability checks barely cover my basic bills anyway. If people do manage to help out, I’ll find some way to thank them properly and I’ll remove the button if I come up with enough money so that people don’t keep sending anything in if it’s not needed for the car.

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