It’s official… I’m cancer free………

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…..But my back is still all busted up and broken.

You gotta read between the lines…
You gotta dig real deep sometimes…
You gotta read the writing on the walls for signs…

Originally I just planned on writing some of the new things that have happened since the last post and thankfully decided to read the last one again to kind of remind myself of the timeframe only to see I referenced that I would talk about things from yet another prior post that I didn’t get to in that one, so now I’m rethinking my ‘gameplan’ as I’m now going over things from the last three or four posts as well as all the new crap. Most (if not all) of you don’t care anything about this part but I figured it’d be a good explanation for why this post might possibly be the longest one yet.

I’m going to break the post down into the categories as I have been but I’ll be breaking each of those down to kind of bring each to current in segments.
As you can see from the title of this post I recieved great news at the doctors earlier today so combine that with my screwed up memory issues anyway and you can get an idea why I’m a little absent minded and/or side tracked. I’ll get back to this part in a minute.

To clarify a comment made in the last post, in Dec. 2006 I saw my primary care doctor that I had at the time and he sent me to get a few M.R.I.’s as mentioned, but by the time I got the test results back it was the middle of Jan. 2007 and the new doctor I saw at that point sent me for a few more tests and they completed the end of Jan. so that’s why I wasn’t officially diagnosed until Jan. 29, 2007.

Playing Catchup:
A.) Back to the whole medication thing that happened… long story short, the medication wasn’t replaced, my insurance company changed their mind a lot pending on who I talked with so in the end couldn’t get any form of refill and ended up running out while out of state on my trip. Essentially I’ve been out for a few weeks and popping 500mg Tylenol like they’re freakin’ Tic-Tac’s since, I just hope next Thursday (9th) everything gets worked out finally.
B.) Between the combination of my trip, my medication issues, stress, pain, and a few other things I ended up failing my classes for school and was forced to take them again (which I restarted them a few days ago).

Anyway, I got back from my trip and ended up going to see my new Oncologist after a painful weekend sleeping off the trip and was able to get a temporary script to help me out, which the insurance company screwed me on that too. Since I didn’t have any money left I couldn’t afford to pay non-insurance price. Last week I ended up having another PET scan to determine my current status with cancer and got the results back earlier today (Sept. 2). I was informed that my scan came up 100% Negative (meaning NO cancer) and was relieved that this information will cut down my overall medical appointments to just a few a month as opposed to the buttload I have been dealing with the last few years.

I’m not sure if I’m going to update this post with some photos taken on my trip or just leave them in future posts… I guess if you’re looking at this more than a week or two after it was originally written, look at newer posts to see any photos I decided to post. 🙂

I missed making a comment about Jeff’s birthday last month (Aug. 28) so, um, oops. As far as September, the only one that comes to mind right now is Rick’s… If I missed one let me know.

*Quote of the Moment*
Just because you can put your foot/leg behind your head doesn’t mean you have to try and force me to do it… (NM)

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