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No really, who cares? Actually, the real question is the age-old… “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Don’t get me wrong, the ‘good’ person in question is far from a Saint, but they never really did anything to anyone, in fact, for the most part, they just kept to themselves.

I know a common theme in a chunk of my posts is about wanting to write more often, but this is one of the rare cases where I didn’t ‘forget’ or ‘just didn’t get around to it’ and had a real reason to not write. The person mentioned above hasn’t given me permission to write about them so I’m not going to post many details and try my best not to identify them in any way (other than he’s obviously male). Mental illness is something that a lot of people in today’s society look down upon and sadly way to many people view people with pretty much any form of mental illness as inferior. There’s varying forms of illness and in almost every case the person suffering is in no way at fault for what they must endure. Yes, I’m rambling, and I don’t give a shit… there’s so much going through my head, especially what they are going through, how quickly it seems to be progressing, and the fact that there’s nothing I can do to help them.

I’ve dealt with my share of doctors the last few years since my issues started, some were wonderful, some were complete fucking idiots, but in my case, after the initial scans, the doctors all agreed, “it’s cancer” and after going to a specialist and another set of scans, they figured out what kind… Now the treatment for it was another story altogether, but my point here isn’t trying to lessen the seriousness of Cancer and I know there’s many patients that have it a lot worse than I did, but to say that’s there’s a big difference with doing a body scan, finding a tumor and saying, “here’s where we have to concentrate on” as opposed to admitting that as humans and all the advancements we’ve made, there’s still a shit load about the human brain that we just don’t understand. Case in point, the many doctors that he’s gone to see have all been utterly useless to this point, either saying things that a kid that barely passed high school biology would be like “Um, no, that’s not right.” or essentially just says “Here, take these pills and it’ll fix it” when those pills aren’t even related to anything remotely close. It’s like giving thyroid medication to a guy that accidentally cut off his finger and saying “This should make it grow back.”.

Even my extremely limited knowledge of mental illness, the different kinds, etc. lead me to believe that all the things I’ve witnessed him demonstrate over the (roughly) last two months point towards Schizophrenia and as I said above, certain aspects seem to be progressing. It’s difficult to talk openly about things like this considering the perceived stigmata attached and I’ve been meaning to do research (not just on the disease, but on forms of help, like hotlines, etc.). In fact, after I finish this post, I’m going to start said research and make a few phone calls.

There’s so much on my mind, about this, about my medical issues (which have been causing some more difficulties lately as well), projects I’m working on, etc. The list could go on for pages but I’m sure that’ll just drive away the few readers I have left. But on a two-part closing note, I wanted to thank a good friend of mine that I know reads this blog and I’ve talked with about all of the above stuff and even though he doesn’t even live in the same state anymore, he’s been there and is the only person I trust to talk with about this stuff (at this stage anyway). If and when things become a little more public I may revisit this topic in more detail, describing some of the things I’ve witnessed first hand, outlets for people to find help or anything else that I’ve learned and think may help others in similar situations. The second point is most of the readers that view this (if they’ve stayed around this long) probably came from a link via my Facebook page and if you know of any good resources (other than Wikipedia) about Schizophrenia including hot-lines or whatever (please no links to buy a book on Amazon or things of that nature) please comment on the Facebook post with the information. Lastly, please refrain from negative comments, guesses at the person’s identity, or general assholeishness as this is a sincere request for help and/or information.

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