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Betrayal? and other shit (Post Fix)

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I’ve written three or four posts since the last one you can read on here but saved them as drafts and forgot to post them… my bad… anyway, I’m grouping them all together for this post and adding more for the hell of it…

I forgot to post back on the 14th when my brother had his birthday… He’s 32 now… not sure what else to say. 🙂

Things make me wonder if I’ve done something to piss off the college since they gave me my fourth adviser right before I started the last two classes which I know I screwed up horribly but I got an email (on the 20th) from the college telling me I have a new adviser yet again… I guess the fifth time is the charm. The canned email I got from my new adviser has the typical welcome and “I’ll be your adviser for this whole experience” which makes me wonder, I have five classes left, so at this rate, I’ll probably end up graduating with my ninth or tenth adviser… (insert sad joke). The other thing that makes me think they’re pissed at me is part of the agreement I made with them about my last two classes was when I retake the one class I have a different Professor/Instructor and they put me with the same person that pissed me off last time. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a situation where “Oh grow up and deal with it” applies, it’s a “this guy is a fucking asshole” applies.

Originally written at 4am on the 21st
As I sit here in the middle of the night, trying to keep cool, I look at my pile of medicine bottles wondering when it’s going to end… when will I get my life back together, fix my back/spine and be able to walk like normal again… {pops another pain pill and another anti-depressant}
Written ‘now’
I did my follow up with my new doctor earlier this week and everything went fine, she noticed a change in my mood (for the better) but decided to double the strength of my Anti-Depressants anyway. Nothing was really said about the issues with my right arm and left leg, but oh well, my leg isn’t changing much, although my arm is getting worse. Thankfully I think it’s just like a heat rash or something else that isn’t bad, just itches like a bitch.

*Quote of the Moment* (no idea what to actually call it)
Cartman: Was it fun?
Kyle: Cartman, what kind of stupid ass question is that? Of coarse it was fun!
Jimbo: Well sure Vietnam was fun, but not like ‘going to the circus’ fun, or ‘fly fishing in Montana’ fun. No, Vietnam was more like ‘shoving shards of broken glass up your ass, then sitting in a tub of Tabasco Sauce’ fun.
Stan: Whoa

Once in awhile I’m going to post a little of my poetry for your reading pleasure, leave me comments if you like.

A tear

A tear came running down my cheek.
It fell because I’m blue.
I somehow feel I let you down.
I was not strong for you.

I have tried to be a rock,
On whom you can lean.
I try to keep my eyes so dry
That a tear cannot be seen.

But yesterday I was depressed.
For the moment I was weak.
Just when I let down my guard,
A tear ran down my cheek.

The heart, that beats inside my chest,
Beats only for you, my dear.
It’s my concern for you, my love,
That’s why I shed the tear.

So please forgive me when I’m weak.
I’ll try always to be your Clown..
But occasionally I may hit bottom.
Please hold me when I’m down.

All the DNS updates are complete and both the .com and .net domains should match (with the exception of the “Project”)

Upgrades… and apologies

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I’ve had a bunch of things I’ve wanted to post about for a few weeks now but haven’t for a few reasons. First off, the two classes I mentioned in the last post ended on the 10th and I’ve been on ‘summer vacation’ since. The main problem with this is that a few weeks ago (Week 2 of those classes) a lot of shit went wrong and just kept getting worse.

Due to privacy I wont get into much, but I’ll just say her mother is doing better and will be released from the hospital this Friday (she’s been there for about a month) and some things will go back to normal. While I was helping her with her family medical issues I had a few more of my own and thankfully those have been taken care of (as far as I can tell). As I stated on my Facebook page I’ve started taking Anti-Depressants (about fucking time someone realized I needed them) and not sure if they’ve ‘kicked in’ yet since I was told it would take at least three weeks and that’s roughly how long I’ve been taking them so far. I have noticed that I don’t seem to feel as depressed, but I feel this weird melancholy where I keep getting an urge to go somewhere or do something, but once I get around to it, I don’t feel like doing it. It’s hard to explain but some really stupid things have made me feel kind of happy, yet other things that should, don’t…

Anyway, on to the title of this post…
I’ve been moving a lot of things around on the server to accommodate some new sites and new features so for the time being the sites will appear as normal when using the .net version, but the .com will show the new sites (as the DNS propagates). Once that’s completed I’ll switch the .net to match. I’m also upgrading this blog but there’s a small database issue (actually it’s more with DNS), so for now the new version will be on the .com until I import the database from this one (and edit this post)
More on the upgrades, etc. later

First, I’d like to apologize to Rebecca since she continued to be supportive through everything that was going on and I still screwed up… If the college sets it up so that you’re my instructor again I’ll do everything in my power to make up for it.
Angelica, Bernie, JP, Shawn, Ed, etc… Sorry I haven’t been around, obviously I’ve been busy. 🙁
Todd, Nick, Nathan, and anyone else that has called/txt’d lately when I haven’t responded… Deal with it… 😛

The above DNS proagation should be complete by 7am EST at the latest (my guess) and if I’m still awake I’ll attempt to finish and make another post with the rest of the info I planned on posting, including some photos and other stuff.

Server issues, Wiki, Akismet, and other random thoughts

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The weather here sucks so bad I’ve precanceled my back treatments for tomorrow cause there’s no way in hell I’m going to drive an hour in this shit. On the plus side to this weather, I’ve had time to work on some of my sites and servers. The web server that hosts this site, the wiki, etc. was having some stability issues over the last week and after some emails back and forth with the guys that run it, everything has been resolved (as far as we can tell) and all the sites/domains are back to 100%.

On the topic of the wiki, since the server was having stability and speed issues I decided to change the back-end software that runs it to something that utilizes a database to see if that helps. Sadly the new software uses a different form of Wiki Syntax so it’s taking a little longer than I originally planned. You can find out a little more info about that clicking the link in the last paragraph.

Akismet, a plugin, addon, whatever the hell you want to call it, works wonders. For those that don’t know, it takes all the comments sent it and checks them for Spam links and other things to detect and combat unwanted/useless shit. If you jump to the very bottom of the page (in the footer) you’ll notice a little box that states how much spam has been detected and avoided. Sadly the software isn’t 100% accurate and has caught a few comments that it shouldn’t have, but the best part of the software is that once you’re acknowledged the poster as valid it wont bother auto-blocking them (it will still check each post, but will allow them to show if they aren’t marked as spam). I’ve had friends comment about Akismet being crap software how it misses a lot of stuff etc. and they sent me a screen shot of their control panel, practically bragging how shit it was… I took one look and just responded “You moron”. The comments listed as spam WERE spam. Spammers have gotten smart to some of the software used against them and started writing canned responses that at first glance seem valid and you allow those through… this is when they have the chance to pretty much spam the hell out of you before you notice. When you’ve written a post for example like the “Happy Holidays” post I wrote a little while back and get a comment that says something along the lines of “Wow, great post, although I don’t agree with what you’ve said or done 100% I still bookmarked your blog and plan to keep reading it later” you’d think, that’s cool, allow the comment, but if you actually read the sender/poster’s information you’d realize that the comment came from “Free Viagra, blah blah blah, for more info visit this great online pharmacy…..”.

I swear, I don’t believe in “capital punishment” (fully anyway) but I think that every found spammer should have a finger, thumb, penis, etc. fucking cut off… the first time they get caught, they get to name the body part they lose, the second time they’re caught, they take a consensus of those targeted by the spammer to vote on what that asshole loses. I forgot the rest of the point I was going to make, so oh well.

I have less than 2 hours to complete my homework, so I’ll get around to doing that and add more to the blog later. My head hurts.


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I’ve been busting my ass off with college trying to play catch up and earlier last night I managed to get fully caught up so I have time to relax. Too bad that will only last a day or two. I decided to make a new post and write about a bunch of things that have happened recently and my damn memory problems made me forget most of it. (Damn Chemo Fog)

I guess the main part of this update is that I have current intentions of changing around some of the domains and sub-domains I run and migrating some more of the sites / info over to this site so that everything is more centralized. I hope by the end of the month I’ll figure out what I’m doing exactly with the Blog Hosting that I was running since those Chinese Spammers ruined it for everyone else.

Personal Side:

  • Started second ‘set’ of back treatments last week and will continue to do them twice a week for the next 10+ weeks (94 mile round trip each time).
  • As I’ve mentioned in the past with my medical problems, I went through Chemotherapy and lost all the hair on my body. Prior to Chemo I was a blond and afterward the hair on my head grew back dark. The point, I dyed my hair on Thursday and I’m blond again.

College Related:

  • Classes are a pain (like normal)
  • I should have my degree around Oct. of this year (unless I have to move classes around or take medical leave again).
  • We have a new contributor to our Student Wiki.

Projects and Gadget Related:

  • Verizon finally ‘helped’ me with the complaints I’ve had for months, so I’m getting a new Droid tomorrow.
  • Jen bought me a new 3rd Generation iPod Touch (64GB) for Chanukah and I’ve found some sweet apps to go with the 40GB of music on it already.
  • Started talking to Martomo (not sure if he wants me to put his real name in here) about getting the old “Black Market” project back up and running again. Sometime in the near future we may be looking for some extra help. (It’s an Open Source project, so don’t bother asking if you think you’ll get paid, it’s all volunteer). Once we take the new version out of beta it will be listed on the Projects Page.

Server / Domain Side:

  • As stated, will be migrating some of the other sites over to here soon.
  • I just noticed a small ‘typo’ from my last post that I over looked while moving everything over to this site, I’ll change that next.
  • After the sites are merged, I’ll post more info on the Server Status Page here.
  • Adobe Contribute is Awesome for doing these updates, makes everything so much easier.

Since this is kind of long at this point, I’ll hold off on writing more until I can organize my thoughts more or have some updates to anything listed here.

Happy New Year, Happy Holiday’s, and um… other stuff.

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No idea why, but the date listed above states Jan. 01, 2009, yet this was written on Jan. 01, 2010 and shows the correct date in the control panel, just not on the site.

Well, it’s almost a new decade and yet again, I spent most of the holiday season alone, but it’s not that big of a deal. Below is a list of random shit… different points I want to make, different things that have gone on without a post, etc. (Trust me when I say ‘random’ as some of the topics will just be ‘all over the map’)

As you can see, the URL for my blog has changed and I’m still setting up the new software, so there’s no RSS yet, no multi-user, etc. at this point in time. The main reason for changing everything around is two-fold…

  1. I got BEYOND sick of random Chinese spammers signing up for blogs on my server. I was providing a service FOR FREE to people that wanted to create legitimate blogs without having to pay for a service. I did this as a side project outside of my company so that there were less ‘restrictions’ on what can/cannot be posted, but still included a Terms of Use agreement. These spammers ruined it for everyone as I’ll be locking down the old Blog Hosting and possibly just forward that sub-domain to a nice little page that states the full reasons to this. In the month of December alone I ended up deleting and banning over 300 users from China that were signing up for obvious spam reasons.
  2. I wanted to allow myself and future users (sign up policy is yet to be determined) to utilize 3rd party software (such as Adobe Contribute) to author/post entries to their blog without having to fully sign in, etc.

The posts you see in this blog (prior to this one) were all copied/pasted from the old blog (I loved the software back-end I used for that service, and I’m still getting used to this new stuff, so be patient with layout, etc.) so some of the posts have obvious font issues, where text may be out of scale within it’s own post. Oh well.

(At least until I get more used to this new Blog software) I will probably be merging the “Server Status” blog into this one, but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to fully separate those posts as I don’t really have the time/patience to go and edit all my personal posts to find/remove any ‘adult language’ and I know it’s kind of unprofessional to have official company related news hosted on a site that does use swear words.

On a totally different (sad) note, it pains me to inform the friends and clients of ICT/CSC (if they haven’t read it in the Wiki yet) that my personal friend and ICT/CSC co-founder JJ passed away last July. The text below is the dedication posted on the Wiki in full:

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 our company suffered a terrible loss. It brings sadness to my heart to inform our customers and friends that JJ (our Vice President) passed away from medical complications. I’ve never been good with dedications or putting these types of feelings into words, so I’ll leave this simple.

JJ, born Joshua (Yehoshua) Jaeden in November 1980, lead an interesting life. We knew each other for most of our lives and he was like a brother to me. JJ is survived by his older sister Nava (Hebrew for ‘beautiful’), his mother Adina (Hebrew for ‘gentle’) and his 2 year old son Joseph (Yosef). He spent his final days surrounded by friends and family and although his medical issues ultimately ended his life prematurely, he would want those that care to know he didn’t suffer.

I return to college on Jan. 04, but I hope that throughout Jan. I’ll be able to rearrange the rest of the sub-domains, remove the ones that are no longer relevant or maintained and update the rest so that they have a more merged feeling to them. My goal is to knock the overall count down to something small and try to make kind of a community out of it. Due to my on going medical issues, college, and the lost of JJ, I believe at least for now, it’s time for the company to take a small leave of absence. Technically we’re not closing our doors and will continue to take some contracts as they come in (mainly due to the fact I haven’t talked to our lawyer in regards to the legality of saying “Hey, we’re closing for awhile, but we’re still here” so we’re going to still maintain a presence just in case.

Speaking of college, as long as I don’t manage to fail any classes (or take the summer off again) I should be graduating with my Associates in Computer Science (Web Design) in mid-October 2010. I took last summer off due to medical reasons; I would have got my degree in Aug. 2010 if I went straight through.

It’s 2am so I’ll post more information later today, when I can organize my thoughts a little better.